Need to know how to build applications using the leading framework for Java? Want to create engaging voice experiences for Alexa? Craig has a book for that!

Spring in Action, Sixth Edition

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If you need to learn Spring, look no further than this widely beloved and comprehensive guide! Fully revised for Spring 5.3, and packed with interesting real-world examples to get your hands dirty with Spring.

Build Talking Apps for Alexa

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Learn how to develop your own voice applications for Amazon Alexa. Start with techniques for building conversational user interfaces and dialog management. Integrate with existing applications and visual interfaces to complement voice-first applications.


Tune in to instructional videos Craig has made on topics such as Spring, Alexa, and Kubernetes

Spring videos...

Tales from the Jar Side (9/21/2023; with Ken Kousen)

Spring AI Origins: A Look at LangChain

Spring AI and Embeddings

Introducing Spring AI

Springing into Kubernetes (from SpringOne@VMware Explore 2023)

Coffee + Software with Josh Long

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Alexa videos...

Alexa Office Hours (9/12/2023)

Local Alexa Development

Experimenting with OpenAI's GPT-3 behind an Alexa skill

Developing Alexa Skills in Java

Randomizing Alexa Responses with APL-A

Remembering Across Sessions with Persistent Storage

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Craig's blog is hosted on, not on this site. But here are a few links to his most recent articles.

Speaking Schedule

Tech events, conferences, and user groups where you'll find Craig talking about Spring, Spring Boot, and Alexa

Sep 29-Oct 1
Oct 13-14
Oct 20-21
Nov 3-4
Salt Lake Software Symposium : Salt Lake City, UT

Personal Projects

Craig does a lot of serious work for his employer. But after hours he's also busy after-hours. Here are a few of the most interesting projects Craig has worked on after-hours.

MouseGuests Alexa Skill

When you're in Disney World or Disneyland and need to know what the wait time is for Haunted Mansion, what time the park closes, or where you can find the nearest churro cart, the MouseGuests skill can help.

→ Read about this Alexa skill
The MouseGuests skill on
→ Launch MouseGuests on Your Echo Device

NFJS Alexa Skill

Are you attending a No Fluff Just Stuff conference? Want to find out about upcoming NFJS events? The NFJS Alexa Skill can be your guide to every NFJS experience.

→ The NFJS Skill on
→ Launch NFJS on Your Echo Device

MousePortation GraphGist

This Neo4j GraphGist can help you find the quickest path between parks, resorts, and other places in Walt Disney World.

→ Read the GraphGist
→ Read the original Gist